G Jones proves his unending sonic brilliance yet again with the art that is “Paths”

Greg Jones has been a laudable and meritorious moniker in the electronic music scene, especially since his older alias ‘G Jones‘. Known for fabricating unique and experimental soundscapes, the American creative has expertise in melding Glitch, Acid, and IDM with the unconventional likes of Trap, and Future Bass, among other kinds of bass-heavy endeavors. His newest and praiseworthy 11-track album “Paths” broadens his legacy in exploring the uncharted realms, through multifaceted sounds and ambiance; simultaneously evolving and bringing new influences to his style.

This review will pick a select few tracks from the massive compilation, and which in my opinion, best denote the exemplary nature of this project and cases the core aspects and essence. Let’s have at it!

Familiar Frontiers

Setting up the album, G Jones introduces the opening act with a sonically pleasant record. “Familiar Frontiers” serves as a preface, laden with sparkly chords and synths turning into the signature sound and adventurous theme this album carries. Throughout this track, these chords enact playful, melodious arrangements; building up a deeply tranquil atmosphere backed by risers and other backing melodies. No drums or beat drops are here, as G Jones encourages us to sincerely take in the details within. It’s a truly Ambient song, nicely establishing the journey ahead the listener will take.


“Liminality” is by far the boldest, avant-garde pursuit of all: an unorthodox presence in the album. There’s a certain charm to that, which is why it deserves an explanation. Here, G Jones’ genial virtuosity in composing irregular and non-uniform sound designs is at full display. On the other hand, the recurring calm ambiance and sparkly chords are gone; instead, the song provides an impression of something’s off. Once the drop hits, the full blow of the outright inventiveness takes by surprise. The irregularity in the composition and other backing elements at the stuttering feel of the track is simply admirable. This is audible art, and indulges the experiences entirely!


A more festival-oriented experience intended for dancefloors, “Maybe” preserves the uniqueness and that atmosphere with its energetic aura and plenty of low-end. Yet, it’s soothing and emotional in between, especially in the midsection and outro. While it doesn’t include the depth and profound attributes of the other accompanying tracks in my opinion, undeniably it furnishes tremendous fun with the upbeat and chipper mood while showing off a genius-level sound design presence from G Jones.

Dancing On the Edge

Dancing On The Edge“, to me, is the magnum opus. This track brilliantly captures the core passion and fundamentals; everything that describes the album aptly. It has a fairly lengthy runtime, taking the audience on a journey filled with hope, prospect, and ambition. Managing to include all kinds of variances and diversity, it radiates the energy and briskness found in “Maybe”; the twinkly chords as shown in “Familiar Frontiers” and later tracks such as “Perpetual Bloom”. There’s the glitching and erratic rhythms as well, and towards the end, the track transforms into a beautiful ambient composition with a breathtaking atmosphere; seamlessly mingling into the follow-up record. This is an exemplary work from G Jones towards a more sentimental and intricate sonic environment contrasting his previous projects marked with darker and bass-heavy sounds from Acid and IDM. A must-listen!


As aforementioned, “Dancing On the Edge” transitions fluently into “Remnant“, the penultimate track, which is why I see this as a kind of sequel to the earlier song. “Remnant” is sentimentally satisfying, and undeniably the album’s emotional core. It manages to achieve this with a wonderfully nostalgic 8-bit aesthetic, giving off a magical and melancholic vibe provoking a yearning for the past, of the halcyon days. G Jones yet again proved his versatility by creating a diverse mix of emotions, with familiar chords, and arranged and constructed in a way that is heartfelt. This one pulls the heartstrings with that ambiance, and is heavily recommendable!

Long Walk Home

Long Walk Home” is this wonderfully pleasant and cushy finish for the album, having mellow and soothing melodies paired with breakbeat drums. It oozes an almost carefree and reflective sound, assuring the listener that “everything will be fine”. A fairytale-like ending, but only in musical form and it works incredibly well. I couldn’t have asked for a better finale than this!

It’s no wonder why G Jones is highly praised for his prowess: he’s a master at his craft. “Paths” takes the listener on multiple journeys and directs them into discovering something new about themselves or the world around them. It’s amazing how the album is entirely instrumental and yet capable of this! A prime example of G Jones’ musical talent and ingenuity, his latest album has everything to become one of the most compelling pieces of art from the dance music scene this year!