Fuse London's new label, LOCUS, lines up third release

LOCUS, the new label from Enzo Siragusa and the Fuse London crew, has confirmed its third release in as many months.

Siragusa, who launched the original Fuse London label in 2011, says LOCUS will “focus on a more upfront house sound coming from our growing global community.” The next EP, Machines, is by French artist Politics Of Dancing. Out August 21st, it spans four tracks.

LOCUS opened with EPs by KOKO and Chris Stussy & Toman in June and July respectively. Listen to clips of both via Fuse London’s SoundCloud.

01. Machines

02. Machines (Rossi. Remix)

03. Sway

04. Field Effect

LOCUS will release Machines on August 21st, 2020.