From Visual to Audio: Exploring Monochrome Midnight Traveller’s “Reality Spaces” EP

Monochrome Midnight Traveller beckons listeners to embark on an entrancing journey through the urban nightscapes with their debut EP, “Reality Spaces“. Hailing from Shanghai, this artistic duo seamlessly weaves their passion for photography into a tapestry of electronic music genres, crafting an immersive experience that deeply resonates with the nocturnal urban soul. This provides an interesting point of view, as music originates from the visual and not vice versa, as it usually happens with music video. That’s why for this review we decided to incorporate Youtube videos instead of the usual Spotify links. Let’s dive in “Reality Spaces“.


“Reality” is like a deep dive into chill vibes. Imagine gritty synths having a subtle dance-off with dreamy female vocals, all riding a laid-back groove. It’s a sonic journey that blurs the line between the real and the dreamy, perfect for those late-night contemplative sessions. This track’s stripped-down style makes every sound pop, giving it a simple exterior with a ton of hidden surprises underneath.

[embedded content]


“Spaces” beckons us deeper into the project concept with a second enigmatic experience. Picture an enigmatic musical landscape unraveling before you, with extended, haunting synth melodies and the tender croon of male vocals, all carried by a gentle yet unrelenting kick beat. The interplay of gleaming harmonies against the shadowy basslines and discordant synth reverberations conjures a mesmerizing juxtaposition. “Spaces” artfully melds the essence of trip-hop with the vibes of dub, fashioning a sound that radiates both mainstream allure and intricate artistry.

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Concluding, “Reality Spaces” is a project that shows Monochrome Midnight Traveller’s talent in crating an unforgettable audiovisual experience. Personally, I recommend watching the video first, then listening to the music only, to savor the intricacies in the sound design and the attention to musical details. Being a music (and not a video) reviewer, this is my point of view. It would be interesting to compare it with someone else!

Anyway, what’s clear here is Monochrome Midnight Traveller’s creation has a lot of potential and extends beyond mere rhythm and beats; it’s an immersive experience. With an artistic mission to redefine nocturnal music, they present a fresh alternative that delves into uncharted territories. Their videos serves as a testament to this vision. Each track isn’t just an auditory experience; it’s a full-fledged sensory journey.