Fourth World inventor Jon Hassell needs help

The Fourth World pioneer Jon Hassell has fallen on hard times due to long-term health issues and has set up a GoFundMe page in order to obtain a “safe and sustainable living situation.”

Brian Eno, who worked with Hassell on his breakthrough Fourth World Vol. 1 – Possible Musics, wrote a note on behalf of Hassell.

Jon Hassell is one of the most influential composers of the last 50 years. His invention of what he called ‘4th World Music’ opened the way for a fresh look at, and deeper respect for, the music of other cultures around the world. His recordings have had a big impact on other musicians, and, through them, have changed musical tastes dramatically. His unique intellectual contribution is also noteworthy: he is a tireless and articulate theorist as well as a great musician.

Jon is going through hard times now. I feel that many of us owe him a debt of gratitude, so perhaps making a contribution to this fund is a way we can thank him.

Brian Eno

London, April 28, 2020

The GoFundMe, which has set a goal of $200,000, touches on Hassell’s health struggles, tenuous living situation and susceptibility to severe symptoms from potential COVID-19 infection. A group of his friends and collaborators set up the campaign.

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