fantasy of a broken heart announce debut LP, share “Ur Heart Stops”

Having signed to Dots Per Inch Music back in March with the release of the great “AFV,” Al Nardo (Water From Your Eyes, Sloppy Jane) and Bailley Wollowitz (Sloppy Jane) have announced their debut album as fantasy of a broken heart. Feats of Engineering is due out on September 27 via Dots Per Inch, and it features contributions from Nate Amos (This Is Lorelei, Water From Your Eyes) and Jordana. You can see the cover art and tracklist below.

Feats of Engineering features “AFV” and they’ve shared another single, “Ur Heart Stops,” a shimmering indie pop track. Wollowitz says the song “was conceived in the midst of the pandemic after we moved from New York to Los Angeles looking for a breath of fresh air. With no shows in sight, we made the decision to finish writing the song without ever playing it live, a rarity for us that led to a very honest arrangement unbothered by the potential reaction of an audience.”

Wallowitz continues:

We finally got to play it live a year later at a cathartic house show at Brooklyn’s now closed Bohemian Grove. It felt like people caught onto the song right away despite it being the odd duck in an otherwise familiar set. The basement flooded overnight after the show and everything was caked in mud when I returned in the morning to pick up some gear.

Heart is a reflection on the never-ending engine of day and night, separation and reconciliation, and the collective depression felt while marching to the coffee pot. While it started as a more personal dialogue between Al and I, I think the song ultimately became an anthem of perseverance for anyone who struggles to get out of bed every morning. We still do.

Watch the video, directed by Rachel Brown, below.

fantasy of a broken heart have a Brooklyn show coming up on June 23 at Elsewhere Zone One. It’s with Dari Bay, Joyer, and Blue Ranger, and tickets are on sale now.

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Ur Heart Stops
Feats of Engineering
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