Em Shares Spiritual And Mystic Side On Debut Self-Titled Album

New-Jersey-bred singer-songwriter Em releases her major debut record, a 7-track album titled Em. The young emerging songstress is taking the world of pop by storm with this indie, pop, retro, and unbelievably soulful album that includes wonderful songs such as “Blue Light,” in which Em shares with her loyal fan base the ups and downs of her days, and the emotional rollercoaster she sometimes has to face. 

Other songs like “You Yourself And I” are hypnotic thanks to Em’s sophisticated and dreamy vocals, as well as a relaxing, and groovy rhythmic that brings the perfect structure to the song. 

Overall, this self-titled album is magnificent, bursting with spirituality and mysticism, and yet sonically bringing together the perfect blend between mainstream pop and much more sophisticated retro-pop, both working together towards a perfect equilibrium.