Earth Night lines up 100-DJ virtual back-to-back set for climate action

100 DJs in 50 cities will play a virtual back-to-back on Sunday evening for Earth Night.

Earth Night was launched in 2018 to “harness the energy of nightlife to generate climate action.” Due to global lockdown measures, in-person fundraisers—which drew about 3,000 people worldwide last year—have been replaced with a massive, virtual “back-to-back” set.

The all-day streaming event features the likes of Soul Clap (Eli Goldstein, pictured, is a co-founder of Earth Night), Blond:ish, Doorly, Louisaahhh!!!, Cosmo Baker and lots more, with a Google Map pinning the locations of all participating DJs. The stream will take place on Twitch and Earth Night’s official website, with the latter pointing viewers towards opportunities to take further action against climate change.

For more information, check out the official Streamland event listing below.