Don Diablo & Azteck – Not Alone

Don Diablo & Azteck – Not Alone

88%Overall Score

• Only the riff is part of the Olive’s original
• Futuristic drop over a nostalgic theme
• Clear passion felt on the tribute’s work

In 1996, Olive released the hit “Not Alone”. In the next 25 years, the track has been reworked many times in the EDM world, from names like ATB, Saberz and Matt Nash. There is something magical in these chords and in the deep lyrics and always strikes me, and this time makes no difference.

Unlike other remakes that simply copy the original theme and add a generic house drop, Don Diablo and Azteck introduce new and exciting elements that make this rendition worth listening to. The combination of Eurodance, Piano House, and Hyperpop creates a unique sound that feels both futuristic and reminiscent of the 90s.

The vocal performance is also notable, with a blend of retro lyrics and distorted vocals mixed with Olive’s words from the original riff. The piano drop is a favorite part, with its frenetic sequence and seductive percussion that reminds listeners that Don Diablo is still relevant and innovative.

According to the PR team, both Don Diablo and Azteck grew up with “Not Alone”, and their collaboration is a fitting tribute to the classic that avoids sounding cliché or poorly thought out. This is the freshest release from Don Diablo in years and is a testament to his passion for creating fresh and exciting music.

In conclusion, “Not Alone” is a splendid tribute to the original hit with a futuristic twist that pays respect to the classic while introducing new and innovative elements. This rendition is genuinely innovative, surprising, and refreshing, making it a must-listen for fans of EDM and fans of the original hit.

You can listen to “You’re Not Alone” here:

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