DJ Plead and Perila release tapes in Boomkat's Documenting Sound series

Boomkat‘s Documenting Sound series has two new releases from DJ Plead and Perila out now.

DJ Plead’s tape, Relentless Trills, is a 40-minute session featuring a slower sound than usual for the Melbourne producer. He made it mostly on a Yamaha PSR-A350 keyboard, and was inspired by CS + Kreme’s recent album Snoopy. Perila’s Everything Is Already There, meanwhile, is a 12-track album recorded in one weekend.

The Documenting Sound series is a collection of tapes curated by Boomkat chronicling work that artists have made during the pandemic. You can listen to clips of DJ Plead’s tape here and Perila’s here.

Perila also has another tape coming via Barcelona label Paralaxe Editions this Friday, October 30th. META DOOR L is inspired by “open spaces and the objects that interrupt them,” according to the label, particularly the “unique properties of metal.” It started with processed field recordings she made in Tbilisi, Georgia, and was finished at her home in Berlin.

Listen to “ent i pse” from META DOOR L.

DJ Plead – Relentless Trills
01. RT5

02. RT2

03. RT3

04. RT4

05. RT1

06. RT6

Perila – Everything Is Already There
01. Pocket Full Of Nothing

02. Time Swamp

03. Resonating Body

04. Desert Blue

05. Riot In A Corn Field

06. Floor Position

07. On A Roof

08. Room Inside

09. Sound Of A Space Between Body And Object On The Left

10. Question To Thyself

11. Circa Bae

12. Reality Scan

Perila – META DOOR L
01. dru g re stble

02. d u ts

03. p f r ds i tm

04. mag cent re

05. ent i pse

06. lax te mp

07. mad sh

Relentless Trills and Everything Is Already There are out now via Boomkat Editions. Paralaxe Editions will release META DOOR L on October 30th, 2020.