Detroit Swindle change name to Dam Swindle

Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets have changed their artist name from Detroit Swindle to Dam Swindle.

The Dutch duo confirmed the news via social media earlier today. “It was our mutual love for Motown and Detroit hip-hop that brought us together and inspired us to start making music together,” reads the statement. “We added the ‘Swindle’ to make sure people wouldn’t think we were claiming to be from Detroit.”

The statement continues: “We never intended to claim ownership over something that was not ours to claim… We want to be reflective, learn about our blind spots and be sensitive to how other people experience and view the world.”

The new name reflects the duo’s birthplace: Amsterdam. They are the latest act to make the switch this year amid growing concerns about cultural appropriation, following the likes of Mark Hawkins (FKA Marquis Hawkes), Patrick Holland (FKA Project Pablo), Dave Lee (FKA Joey Negro) and The Blessed Madonna (FKA The Black Madonna).

Read the statement in full.