Descendents and Circle Jerks wrapped up their tour at Brooklyn Paramount with Adolescents (pics, setlists, video)

It was a night of old school California Punk at Brooklyn Paramount on Saturday night with coheadliners Descendents and Circle Jerks, the final night of their tour.

While the co-headlining acts had been trading off positions the whole tour, Descendents were the final act of the night in Brooklyn and let the music do the talking; the crowd was into it from the get go. Circle Jerks had the audience going as well, though frontman Keith Morris was his usual chatty self with lots of things to say in between songs. Adolescents, still led by singer Tony Reflex (the only original member of the band), opened the night. 

Photos by P Squared, along with setlists and full video of all three bands, are below.

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SETLIST: Descendents @ Brooklyn Paramount 4/13/2024
Feel This
Silly Girl
I Like Food
On Paper
I Wanna Be a Bear
Clean Sheets
Everything Sux
Victim of Me
Nothing With You
I’m Not a Punk
Rotting Out
My Dad Sucks
Without Love
When I Get Old
Coffee Mug
I Don’t Want to Grow Up
I’m the One
Thank You
Suburban Home

Good Good Things
Global Probing
Get the Time

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SETLIST: Circle Jerks @ Brooklyn Paramount 4/13/2024
Deny Everything
In Your Eyes
Stars and Stripes
Back Against the Wall
Behind the Door
I Just Want Some Skank
Beverly Hills
When the Shit Hits the Fan
Under the Gun
Coup d’état
Wild in the Streets
Moral Majority
Don’t Care
Live Fast Die Young
Paid Vacation
Junk Mail
Parade of the Horribles
I, I & I
Leave Me Alone
I Don’t
Beat Me Senseless
World Up My Ass
High Price on Our Heads
Red Tape
What’s Your Problem
Question Authority

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SETLIST: Adolescents @ Brooklyn Paramount 4/13/2024
Theme from Peter Gunn
No Way
Monolith at the Mountlake Terrace
Escape From Planet Fuck
Who Is Who / Self Destruct
Lockdown America
Rip It Up
5150 or Fight
Just Because
Welcome to Reality
Word Attack
Forever Summer
Kids of the Black Hole