Daft Punk scoring Dario Argento's next film, Occhiali Neri

Dario Argento’s next film will be scored by Daft Punk.

Occhiali Neri—which translates to Black Glasses—is the latest film from legendary horror director Argento, who made classic movies like Suspiria, Inferno and Tenebrae. The film focuses on a Chinese family in Rome and the countryside, and will star Asia Argento. It’s due to start filming in September.

As Mixmag reports, Argento told Italian newspaper La Repubblica that Daft Punk reached out to him, said they were fans and asked if they could work with him. Argento also said that the French duo told him that the script for Occhiali Neri is one of his “most interesting.”

Daft Punk are due to meet with Argento in Rome once pandemic lockdown measures allow them to.

In terms of film work, they’ve previously scored Tron Legacy, back in 2010.

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