D-Block & S-te-Fan & Headhunterz – Keepers Of Our Legacy

D-Block & S-te-Fan & Headhunterz – Keepers Of Our Legacy

85%Overall Score

• Brutal kicks from the get-go
• Familiar sounds, blended in a balanced way
• Slight tweaks from the Defqon 1 version

Fun fact: This collaboration between such prominent monikers in the Hardstyle scene arrived only after 15 years of their careers, but wow, the result didn’t disappoint and it was certainly engineered meticulously. Years of tweaks went on before the premiere at Defqon 1 and the eventual release on Scantraxx.

The D-Block & S-te-Fan and Headhunterz trio is a trendsetter for Hardstyle fans, but also old-school Big Room lovers who may remember that hiatus in 2015 when they both switched to more commercial sounds. Obviously, we received unforgettable hits (“Dharma“, “We Control The Sound“, or “Beautiful World“), but let’s say that home is where the heart is: Hardstyle was always their specialty, and fans eagerly awaited their comebacks in the genre.

Keepers Of Our Legacy” gives an undeniable testimony to the love for the genre shared by these veterans with a striking blend of styles and a good dose of familiar elements. It’s balanced, and I am deeply in love with the initial part where a set of dual kicks immediately blew my mind. Man, was that brutal!

The breakdown and climax are clearly from Headhunterz, with a finer melody and Hardstyle leads, maybe a bit predictable for my standards, while the conclusive drop unites a Melodic Hardstyle section with an anti-climactic finale. The riff didn’t get stuck in my head right away, but this is purely subjective. D-Block & S-Te-Fan are usually sticking to these patterns and it doesn’t lead to the best outcomes, in my opinion. Needless to say that the vocal was a nice touch paired with the instrumental’s extraordinary quality.

“Keepers Of Our Legacy” is a symbol of love and mutual respect from three massive names in the Hardstyle scene, and they clearly didn’t let down any expectations. It’s commendable, however not leaving me with that “track of the year” vibe. It was perhaps missing that cherry on top to make the experience absolutely neurotic. The quality bar, nevertheless, remains high!

You can listen to “Keepers Of Our Legacy” here:

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