Clarx & Laney – Forever Finally Ends

Clarx & Laney – Forever Finally Ends

90%Overall Score

Laney with a crazy vocal show
• Elegant and heart-breaking strings
• Genres and ideas unified in the drop

NCS has struck back again by “discovering” great talents. Well, discovering might be a bit of an exaggeration, as it’s been years since the talented Clarx has released bangers on the label, but only recently has he amassed millions of streams with “Numb The Pain“, as his Rock-infused style finally gained traction. I see that he’s trying to find his own direction, and the result is finally clear: mixing together Rock, Orchestra, and EDM.

“Forever Finally Ends” is a solo release though (plus featuring the vocalist Laney), and we notice his peculiar flair with more attention. I liked it even more, as personally orchestral and melancholic sounds are among my favorites, and there are plenty of them. The lyrics are sad, as the title suggests, and what a great rendition from Laney! The songstress dominated the elegant chords in the breakdown. Then, sudden growls, too delicate for Melodic Dubstep but too aggressive for plain Future Bass, compose the riff together with an electric guitar.

Superlative experience indeed, as Rock, Orchestra, and EDM meld together in a fusion of sounds in bittersweet tones since we are talking about a story that “Finally Ends”… It hits hard, both literally and metaphorically. The vocal is the icing on the cake because Laney keeps singing on top of this marvelous creation in the final bars. This deserves a 90/100 because that’s how experimentations should be, and it didn’t require any crazy or complicated theories. Just some good, solid elements mixed in a smooth and natural soundset.

Not much is needed to be said here, as it crosses the thresholds of EDM, but I still loved it. “Forever Finally Ends” explores the boundaries of music elegantly and with a passion that I have rarely witnessed. There is clearly a lot of hard work behind its delicate balance. A banger, this will clearly earn millions of streams!

You can listen to “Forever Finally Ends” here:

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