Church Girls – “Basement”Church Girls – “Basement”

The charged-up and melodic Philly indie band Church Girls announced their signing to the great UK record label Big Scary Monsters last month with the released of their single “Separated.” This week they’re back with another new song and details on their new album.

The LP is called Still Blooms, and its next single “Basement” overflows with riffs, hooks, and emotion. As singer-guitarist Mariel Beaumont explains, “Mitchell [Layton, guitar] had been sending me tons of instrumental ideas, and when I heard this one I knew it had to be included. I went through endless drafts of lyrics and vocal melodies because I wanted to do justice to what he’d written.” All that work paid off; the song is great. Listen below.

01 “Surface”
02 “Separated”
03 “August”
04 “Vacation”
05 “Undone”
06 “Basement”
07 “Dune”
08 “Dissolve”
09 “Gone”
10 “Vision”

Still Blooms is out 10/8 on Anchor Eighty Four/Big Scary Monsters. Pre-order it here.