Camp Trash – “Weird Florida”Camp Trash – “Weird Florida”

The emo-rooted power-pop band Camp Trash impressed with this year’s debut EP Downtiming, and they’ve got another extremely catchy single out today. “Weird Florida” is, I guess, a sequel of sorts to Downtiming highlight “Weird Carolina.” It’s urgent and abundantly melodic, with a number of profane lyrics that seem like they would be very fun to shout along with at a show. The chorus, for instance: “I know she won’t be picking up the fucking phone/ When I call from my car explaining why I’m not at home/ Just got dumber all summer/ It just kept getting dumber.” They saved the best for last, though: “I’m never going back to fucking Florida!” Listen below.

A Camp Trash LP is supposedly coming next year on Count Your Lucky Stars.