BreakdeX & Syzero – Smash

BreakdeX & Syzero – Smash

70%Overall Score

• Yes, the structure is not THAT unique
• Rigorous work on the percussions
• Entertaining results due to a passionate approach

It’s time to head back to the roots and review less-talked-about music, capable to give a spin without too much fuss and stream-hoarding techniques. After receiving this submission from BreakdeX and Syzero titled “Smash”, I couldn’t resist: a review had to be written.

A typical Electro House with heavy Big Room additives and a Jungle approach, it approached the style that creators such as KURA and Steven Vegas explored in the past… and funnily enough, BreakdeX did team up with Steven Vegas a couple of months back on “Designer“. You know the vibe: steel drums, squeaky leads, repeating vocal loops: a bombshell worth of energy that remain effective for clubs and festivals alike.

In particular, I preferred the melodic pattern and the care dedicate towards the percussions, which are yes, a bit predictable but the overall outcome is so dynamic that I just had to sit back and take a moment to appreciate the job. “Smash” just wants to smash, make noise, and show off all its boisterous features without adding too much stuff. Its streamlined flow is surprisingly refreshing. The central buildup explores a somehow exotic initial lead, then uses the same escalation again for an even more drum-heavy finale.

Well, “Smash” isn’t a setting example of originality, but rather blasts through thanks to dedicated work. It was three well-spent minutes, and easily recommendable for a crowd looking for a straightforward festival knocker. Something close to what Steven Vegas used to deliver back in the peak Revealed days.

You can listen to “Smash” here: