BLAK – Need U

BLAK – Need U

77%Overall Score

• Explosive drops
• Distinctive Bass House lead
• Catchy melody, less impactful the second time

The metallic, dirty lead of “Need U” has earned my admiration as the drop struck: a concentration of energetic sounds, the climax brings with energy when it explodes! This creation from the Spanish BLAK is intriguing and immediately finalized my decision of giving it further exposure through a review.

BLAK holds experience with interesting uploads on G-MAFIA, JENDEX Records, and the renowned Blanco y Negro Music, and “NEED U” represents his debut on Spitfire Music. Already hooked on his energetic signature, I must admit that the more music he releases, the more dynamite the results are!

“Need U” shows an intense vocal show, blending cozily with the Future Bounce framework underneath it. The vocal distortions are also admirable as it subtly puts a grungy tone on the pure vocal. The drop punches hard with a metallic lead and a vigorous melody and continues for a long time (nearly 40% of the duration). While I usually prefer energetic sections, it felt a bit tiring with the chaotic cadence toward the final ten seconds.

“Need U” is an almost uncontainable beast and a great example of a quality Bass House with Future Bounce influences. Real party banger that shouldn’t be underestimated!

You can listen to “Need U” here: