Bergsonist and Gaul Plus team up on new Infinite Machine split EP

New York artists Bergsonist and Gaul Plus are releasing a split EP together.

The follow-up to Bergonist’s recent solo releases Middle Ouest and ض, the joint project contains two techno tracks each from Gaul Plus and Bergsonist. The record will land via Infinite Machine on May 29th.

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Listen to “Church Of The Motorway” and “Viruses Slowly Destroying The Planet.”

01. Gaul Plus – Church Of The Motorway
02. Gaul Plus – Lecherous Suitor RIP

03. Bergsonist – Viruses Slowly Destroying The Planet
04. Bergsonist – Shootings Everywhere

Infinite Machine is releasing Gaul Plus / Bergsonist Split on March 29, 2020.