Beans returns with new album, Team BreakUP

The avant rapper Beans will release a new album, Team BreakUP, on Hello.L.A. in July.

The Warp Records alumnus worked with the producer Steve Freshfield on the 11-track record, which will come out on a 100-press cassette as well as digital, though the latter is up for pre-order at a price of €666. Over the years, Beans has developed a reputation for outré rap and a production, both as a solo artist and a member of the groundbreaking avant-rap group Antipop Consortium. He has also collaborated with experimental jazz artists like William Parker and Hamid Drake.

Listen to “A Bee in a Submarine” off Team BreakUP.

01. Stevie + Nicks

02. A Bee In A Submarine 02:35
03. Unreliable Narrator

04. Witness 61

05. The Stoned Clairvoyant Of Hip Hop

06. $4

07. Voices From Hell

08. Gluten Free Wildout

09. Air Hatch

10. Satellite Dish

11. Isaac Burns Murphy

Hello.L.A. will release Team BreakUP on July 3rd, 2020.