Bassjackers – Wrong Or Right (The Riddle)

Bassjackers – Wrong Or Right (The Riddle)

71%Overall Score

• Reworks “The Riddle“, again
• A decent Slap House take
• Pleasant vocal cover

Bassjackers are a pair that I have been following for years now, and while reserving great surprises, they also have their share of forgettable releases. Lately, in great shape with Les Pays Bass EP Vol. 3 that is stuffed with underground materials, they have returned to Spinnin’ with a Slap House record.

Yay! No jokes, even if we had our brutal takes on many Slap House reworks in the past (and for a good reason, as they were the laziest way to cash in some easy streams on online platforms), although this one actually works pretty well.

It’s a matter of technical knack, in the end. Bassjackers ace in energetic basslines, and despite “Wrong Or Right” has the same structure as the 1984 New Wave hit from Nik Kershaw, which received several other reworks later (most notably by Gigi D’Agostino), I can feel that there is more dedication as everything sounds lively, whistling lead included. Having a great vocalist also helps, and the bassline is playful in a unique way!

But here’s the twist: Bassjackers already remixed “The Riddle“. This was back in 2018 with Smash The House, a typical Big Room track lacking vocals. I wonder why they decided to take another round…

Let’s be honest, the idea isn’t exceptionally genuine, and this is made ridiculous by the fact that the Dutch duo already worked on this a few years back. Yet, the production quality of “Wrong Or Right” saves the release. It’s a nice Slap House record that didn’t need to resample the original to be entertaining, maybe they really love “The Riddle”.

You can listen to “Wrong Or Right” here:

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