Bandcamp Friday: Juneteenth

Bandcamp is once again waiving its fees, this time to celebrate Juneteenth, the day that marks the abolition of slavery in the United States.

Instead of giving the fees to artists or labels, Bandcamp will instead donate its share of sales today (from midnight to midnight Pacific time) to the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, a long-running and influential civil rights organization supporting Black people in the US.

Artists and labels are marking this Bandcamp day differently. Some are releasing new music and also donating their share of profits to Black-led charities, while others are donating profits from sales of their existing discographies.

We feel it is important to support Black artists on Juneteenth, and beyond. For more recent releases, you can check out our Support Black Artists list from the last Bandcamp Friday, June 5th.

For a more comprehensive guide, the searchable Black Bandcamp resource features thousands of Black artists and labels on the platform and has been fully integrated into the Bandcamp website.

And to mark the recent surge in protests for Black trans people, there’s also a crowdsourced list of Black Femme Identifying Electronic Music Artists.

New Releases

Algorave Tokyo – Compassion Through Algorithms (all proceeds to be donated to TBD organizations)

Ali Berger – Direct Experience (all proceeds to National Council For Incarcerated And Formerly Incarcerated

Women And Girls

Amazinggaijin – Shallow / Python
Benin City – “Hostiles” feat. Eklipse (all proceeds to Black Lives Matter UK)

BLACK QUANTUM FUTURISM – Waiting Time​/​Weighting​/​Wading Time: On Juneteenth, Watch Night, Freedom’s Eve, and Emancipation Day
Bleep Bloop – One Liners (all proceeds to local bail funds)

Black Catalogue – Next Lightyear: South African Deep House & Experimental II
clipping. – Chapter 319
Composuresquad – Untitled (all proceeds Party Noire’s Femme Noire Grant)

Dexplicit – Gotham
DJ 3D – “How Many Ways (Refreshers Rework)”
Dreamcrusher – “Juneteenth (Extended Club Mix)”
Dynoman – Resume Transmission (all proceeds through June towards Black Lives Matter)

Grove – badass mutha
Julius Eastman – Femenine (proceeds in June go to NAACP Legal Defense Fund)

Kush Jones – Relief 3
Michael Stumpf – XNKS (label proceeds go to Black Art Futures Fund and Black Trans Femmes In The Arts)

• Prins Thomas – Blade Runner Theme Remix (all proceeds to Black Lives Matter)

Public Possession – Share Playlist (all proceeds to Initiative For Black People In Germany)

Roland Kayn – Requiem Pour Patrice Lumumba (proceeds towards Afrorack)

Rrose – Collected Remixes 2011-2020 (all proceeds to BlackTransMedia)

Ruby Rushton – Sun Khosi
Running Back – Music For The NAACP (all proceeds go to NAACP Legal Defense Fund)

• Soho Radio – Together (proceeds go to Campaign Zero and the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust)

Speaker Music – Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry (comes with ebook, all proceeds go to BEAM and M4BL)

Strategy – “Black Boxes (Strats X Footsie X Cimm)
SubconsciousSp – SAVE (label proceeds go to Black Art Futures Fund and Black Trans Femmes In The Arts)

Various Artists – Against Police Brutality (curated by Suzanne Kraft, all proceeds towards NAACP Legal Defense Fund and National Bail Out)

Voices From The Lake – Quarto Freddo (all proceeds towards Black Lives Matter)

Witch Prophet – “MUSA Remix” feat. Stas THEE Boss

Other Initiatives & Fundraisers

4AD is donating all its proceeds towards Black Trans Circles via Transgender Law Center and The Okra Project.

• Björk has uploaded her discography to Bandcamp for the first time, with today’s sales going towards Black Lives Matter UK.

• Forest Management has started a new label called CINEPLEX with two new releases out today. Money goes towards the Black Art Futures Fund and Black Trans Femmes In The Arts.

Hausu Mountain‘s proceeds will go towards the Brave Space Alliance in Chicago.

Horo and Samurai Music are donating to the European Network Against Racism.

Houndstooth are donating their proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Klockworks are donating their proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.
Ninja Tune are donating their share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

• NNA Tapes are donating their share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

• The United 4 Equity compilation, featuring artists like DJ Slugo, Steffi and Schacke, will split proceeds across The Bail Project and Black Lives Matter.

• Yves Tumor and SSION are raising money with an exclusive poster, with all proceeds towards GLITS.

• See Bandcamp’s own broader guide here.

For more on how you can support black causes beyond just buying music, see our resources guide. Read RA‘s statement on Black Lives Matter and racial justice here.

Graphic credit: Bandcamp