Autechre surprise with another new album, PLUS

Autechre have released another new album on Warp.

The nine-track PLUS comes just 12 days after Sean Booth and Rob Brown released SIGN, their first “traditional”-format album since 2013’s Exai. There’s no other information shared on the release.

This is the second of two new albums that Autechre teased in their lockdown livestream sessions on Mixlr earlier this year, in addition to their latest batch of live recordings.

Check out clips of PLUS on Autechre’s official site.

Read Andrew Ryce’s review of SIGN.

Listen back to Autechre’s RA podcast from last year.

01. DekDre
02. 7FM ic

03. marhide

04. ecol4

05. lux 106

06. X4

07. ii.pre esc

08. esle 0

09. TM1 open

PLUS is out now on Warp.

Photo credit: Bafic