Artist Spotlight: International Composer Mike Alrue

Today, we chose to introduce Mike Alrue to our audience of passionate readers and music lovers. Miguel Alonso, better known as Mike Alrue is an International composer born and raised in Spain until the age of thirteen years old, when he and his family moved to Mexico. Later in life, Mike Alrue moved to the United States where he resides until today. 

His impressive resume counts over 2500 jingles, 25 film and documentary scores, as well as the release of six albums, “Logos”, “Vida Nueva”, “Tales from the Piano”, “Light Years”, “Tomorrow Found Me Dreaming” and “Monsoon.” His latest release is a single titled “Changes,” a serene guitar-vocal ballad set to spark mass appreciation among fans of the genre. 

His talent to compose songs, soundtracks and jingles that belong in extremely different genre-categories give him a special status among composers, who usually find themselves creating music belonging to one or two genres. Mike Alrue composes music within Classic, Acoustic Rock, New Age, Ethnic, Jazz, Classical, and Contemporary Gospel.