Arsonists Get All the Girls give ‘Portals’ vinyl reissue (exclusive swirl variant)

Defunct mathgrind/deathcore vets Arsonists Get All the Girls have teamed up with Silent Pendulum Records for some vinyl reissues, and following the recently-launched Listen to the Color reissue, they’ve just launched a new pressing of 2009’s Portals. It was the band’s third album and first with vocalist Jared Monette, following the departure of original vocalists Cameron Reed and Remi Rodburg (the latter of whom does return for a guest vocal appearance on this LP), and it was their first album since the untimely death of original bassist Patrick Mason, who the song “In the Empyreans” was written about. It was also widely considered a maturation from their earlier releases, and a more progressive LP.

We’ve got an exclusive opaque mix & violet w/ white swirl 2LP vinyl variant of Portals, limited to just 100 copies. Pre-order yours in the BV shop, where you can also pick up one of the remaining copies of our “random color” variant of Listen to the Color.

Here’s a mock-up of our Portals variant:

[embedded content]