Angemi – Phonk This

Angemi – Phonk This

86%Overall Score

• This isn’t your typical Phonk track…
• A brilliant fusion of melody and rhythm
• Debut on Tribal Trap that sets the bar high

When I first heard that Angemi had released a track on Tribal Trap, I was pleasantly surprised. Having made a name for himself on Smash The House and with DV&LM, I didn’t expect to see him explore a genre as niche as Phonk. However, Angemi’s eclectic style and willingness to experiment with different genres ultimately led to this incredible creation.

“Phonk This” is a clear departure from the typical Phonk beats we’ve all come to recognize. Angemi’s signature style is that he doesn’t really have one. Instead, he utilizes his impressive range of skills to create some truly viral remixes and “What If” versions. He’s been gaining traction on TikTok lately, and has even released some quick Phonk reworks (e.g. Shiva’s “Take 4” in Phonk).

With Tribal Trap’s focus on Phonk, it’s no surprise that Angemi decided to explore the genre with “Phonk This”. However, he didn’t just blend in with the crowd – he stood out. The track features a generic Phonk lead that’s expertly mixed with a bouncy bassline that reminded me of oldschool Hard/Melbourne Bounce. And just when you think you’ve caught on, Angemi throws in a slight hint of a Big Room lead in the drop, adding another layer of surprise.

But what really sets this track apart is the breakdown. It’s almost orchestral, with lengthy sequences of the lead playing a complex melody that deviates from the frenetic Phonk structure. And unlike in most Phonk compositions, the vocal loop is used as a background element and it’s not that dominant. The artist’s willingness to break away from the established formula is truly commendable.

“Phonk This” demonstrates Angemi’s versatility and fearlessness in tackling new genres. While he may not be a traditional Phonk artist, that’s exactly why this track shines. By drawing from other genres, he has crafted an innovative and unforgettable experience. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

You can listen to “Phonk This” here:

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