Ahnwar Yancey Showcases Powerhouse Vocals In “Everything U Need”

Ahnwar spreads positive influence with his single “Everything U Need.” The gospel track is the perfect depiction of Yancey’s powerful vocals and soft melodic synths that engage the people and celebrate God and His power.

“Everything U Need” praises the Lord at the same time underlining family values. The song encourages everyone to reconsider their priorities and put the weight more on spending time with closed ones.

Being a minister’s son, Ahnwar has always felt a special connection with the church and gospel music from a young age. This enthusiasm slowly faded away when he started attending college and directed his focus more on making R&B music. In late 2001, he created the R&B group S.O.L.E. 

Although gaining popularity and recognition, Anhwar always felt like something was missing. He realized that R&B was not why his talent was bestowed upon him so he went back to his original sound and committed himself and his life to Jesus Christ. Now, Anhwar devotes his musical gifts to honor the ways of God and is completely focused on the sole purpose of leading the example as a follower of Jesus.

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