Achilles, LostVolts, SASH – Take Me

Achilles, LostVolts, SASH – Take Me

69%Overall Score

• An unfinished final twist
• Energetic, albeit predictable
• Hooky melody for the entire duration

My attention has been fixated on Achilles after a couple of successful signings with Revealed Recordings, while the Indian pair LostVolts/SASH already have a few exciting collaborations together. Their joint effort culminated in “Take Me”, a stamina-laden Future Rave composition released on (surprise) Future Rave music.

Here are my honest two cents: I was expecting something more, especially from Achilles. The Australian producer is gaining a lot of traction thanks to his futuristic take on Big Room Techno (listen to “Hope” or “After The Beep” on Hardwell’s imprint), however, in “Take Me” he preferred to stick to a predictable outcome.

In its entirety, the track is dynamic and equipped with a melody that dominates non-stop, and personally enjoyable to me. There is a vocal shot before the loop, easy to skip over, and a classic Future Rave layout with no surprises set-up. While I had fun with the energized build-up in the central segment, my judgment was impacted by the wait for a final twist that never arrived.

Apart from that, “Take Me” is a solid tune that risks turning forgettable, yet nonetheless easy to enjoy especially when played in club and festival settings. If you are hooked by its melody as it happened here, chances are that you will have a great time. However, hoping that they dare more for their next project!

You can listen to “Take Me” here:

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