14 years later… “Valodja“ is back: Kryder delicately reworks Steve Angello x AN21’s hit

14 years later… “Valodja“ is back: Kryder delicately reworks Steve Angello x AN21’s hit

66%Overall Score

• More like an edit than a remix
• Trumpets are enhanced, overall structure intact
• Nostalgic choice for SIZE XX Anniversary

“Valodja” holds an air of mystery that can only be crafted by masterminds like Steve Angello (during his pre-SHM phase) and AN21. With just two percussions and a set of trumpets, they conjured a bomb of a track. It’s a simple yet elegant and dynamic composition featuring chilling solos and the marching band’s trumpet, a signature sound often associated with Size Records from artists like Steve, DV&W, and Kryder (recall “Romani“?).

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Following the track’s successful release in 2009, there was an impressive rework by KAAZE, a brutal gem that deserves recognition. Additionally, there was a percussion experiment by Tony Calrya. However, it was Kryder, a long-time friend of the duo, whom fans had been eagerly awaiting for a rework of “Valodja.” After all, this track is undoubtedly within his area of expertise.

Kryder’s rework, while fine, leans toward the subtle side, at least for an avid listener. The English producer has introduced livelier trumpets, energized certain notes, and tidied up the overall structure. However, he has left the 2009 structure largely intact. It’s a very delicate approach, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially since it aligns with Kryder’s style. But it feels more like an edit than a full-fledged remix. Many anticipated more significant changes, especially considering that 14 years have passed since the original release. “Valodja” doesn’t sound outdated, but neither does it sound revolutionary, as one might expect (for the record, KAAZE did it better eight years ago).

Given the context of SIZE’s 20th anniversary, this strategic choice makes sense. Nostalgic selections are essential, and “Valodja” remains a timeless classic. Kryder’s edit serves as a good starting point to once again become entranced by those iconic trumpets. Don’t miss out on exploring all the versions of this classic.

You can listen to “Valodja” here: