12 record shops unite on 24-hour Move The Record streaming event

12 record shops from around the world will take part in a two-day, 24-hour streaming event called Move The Record.

The two 12-hour broadcasts will take place on July 3rd and 4th, with DJs like Bradley Zero, Steffi, Prins Thomas and Fred P playing sets. There will be a discounts in place at all the shops for 48 hours, with a sweepstake competition offering prizes including vinyl, hardware, studio sessions, production courses and merchandise. All of the proceeds will be distributed among the participating record shops.

“We all—artists, clubs, labels, distribution, pressing plants—are facing uncertain times as a direct result of the Covid crisis,” said Dana Ruh, who will spin a two-hour set from Berlin’s KMA60, which she runs with Jamie Fry. “Our industry is all connected, and many people have already lost their jobs. Clubs are closed; performing artists have lost their primary source of income; record stores—our cultural hubs of community and discovery—are struggling to stay afloat. So on July 3rd and 4th, myself and 11 other stores around the world will come together to support one another. It’s all connected. We are all connected.”

Here’s a list of the participating shops.

Argentina: Haûs Record Store (Buenos Aires) – Franco Cinelli, Momo Trosman

Belgium: Sound Architecture x Ampere (Antwerp) – Lefto, Red D
Germany: KMA60 (Berlin) – Dana Ruh, Fred P
Ireland: All City (Dublin) – Lee Kelly, Sias

Italy: Serendeepity (Milan) – Hiver, MCMXC
Norway: Filter Musikk (Oslo) – Prins Thomas, Roland Lifjell b2b Sverre Brand

Portugal: Carpet & Snares (Lisbon) – Jorge Caiado, Steffi
Spain: Ater Cosmo x Stardust (Madrid) – Psyk, Tadeo

Russia: Deficit (Moscow) – Ottuga, OL

UK: Phonica (London) – Bradley Zero, Nick Williams
USA: Halcyon x ReSolute (New York) – O.BEE, Orazio b2b Julio

USA: RS94109 (San Francisco) – Josh Cheon, Sohrab Harooni