Young Indie Artist Ivorde Is Ok. Release Eclectic Debut Album Beautiful life I live.

Houston-based Indie artist Ivorde Is Ok. recently released his debut album, Beautiful life I live. This impressive tracklist counts no less than 11 songs, each bringing a different flavor to the overall feel of the record. The young and skilled indie singer-songwriter is exposing his eclectic taste for blending punk, industrial, and folk, and we must say, his experiments are highly successful and appealing. He is both brutally honest, and yet never strains for effect in the sounds he produces, laying the ideal foundation for him to share his struggles as an 18 year old trying to adapt to an adult life in this modern society. Ivorde Is Ok. also imagined an album filled with contrast, from a lyrical standpoint and in the various textures of sound quality throughout the tracklist. Have a listen for yourself and delve in Ivorde’s one-of-a-kind collection of tracks.