Why do people hate Nickelback so much? Watch trailer for new official documentary

The trailer for an officially sanctioned Nickelback documentary titled Hate to Love: Nickelback, has been released. Check it out below.

Directed by British filmmaker Leigh Brooks, the film will explore the Canadian rock band’s origins, their chart-topping success and the negativity that has followed them despite their overall commercial success.

The trailer features the band exploring their hometown as well as the band playing sold-out arenas. “Nobody picks up a guitar to be the most hated band in the world,” said guitarist Ryan Peake in one scene. “We try to laugh it off. You can laugh off about 90 percent of it. Some of it… it hurts,” added frontman Chad Kroeger.


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“I play Nickelback songs to Nickelback fans, so I don’t have go and try to win over someone who doesn’t like my band,” Kroeger adds in the trailer.

Hate to Love: Nickelback is set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Kroeger has previously addressed all the hate the band receive. Last year, the band released their 10th studio album ‘Get Rollin’, in an interview with Audacy, Kroeger joked: “You know, we joke about it all the time. I’m like, ‘I’m ready for the world to hate us again.’”

When asked if they could be a superhero, who would they be and what would be their power, Kroeger again made light of the situation adding: “We would be Captain Whipping Boy, and we would be able to take more shit than anyone.”


Earlier this year, the frontman shared that Nickelback aren’t as hated nowadays as they used to be.

“That kind of used to be a thing. I shouldn’t say ‘that kind of used to be’ — that was definitely a thing for a long time,” he said [via Blabbermouth].

“And I think there’s been a softening — there really has, thankfully. I’m not sure if it’s because we receive a ton of love on TikTok or whatever the hell it is, but for whatever reason the teeth have kind of been removed. It’s really nice to not be Public Enemy Number One.”

Nickelback are currently on their ‘Get Rollin’ tour in North America. Visit here for any last minute tickets.