Watch Suki Waterhouse cover Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’

Suki Waterhouse performed a cover of Taylor Swift‘s song ‘Lover’ at Austin City Limits music festival this weekend – check it out below.

The London-born artist performed at the Texas festival on Sunday (October 8), where she pulled out a cover of Swift’s song from her 2019 album of the same name.

The artist worked Swift into the end of her setlist, performing it as part of a medley along with Mazzy Star‘s ‘Fade Into You’ and her own song ‘Brutally’.


Check out footage of the cover below.

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Waterhouse is a longtime friend of Swift, who recently praised the singer and actor in an interview with sSense.

“Suki has always seemed like she stepped out of a time machine. Her music is so raw and hopelessly romantic because that’s how she moves through the world,” Swift shared.

“When we hang out, I often come away wondering how someone can be simultaneously spontaneous and free—and also preternaturally wise. She is the wildest person I know who I would also trust to keep any secret. You’ll be stressed about something trivial, she’ll just look at you, cigarette in hand, and say ‘Babe, you know none of this actually matters.’ And she’ll be exactly right.”

Reviewing last year’s ‘I Can’t Let Go’, NME said that the star “holds nothing back”. The four-star review added: “The actor and musician drops hints at her influences – a tinge of Lana Del Rey, for instance – but twists those sounds into brittle, fragile new directions.”


Speaking to NME last year, the artist explained that “jumping into those anxieties” about who she was or could be “helped me feel free”.

“That’s not to say suddenly everything became super joyous and easy, but I think if you want to stay in that state of creativity, the whole thing is, a lot of the time, it’s not a great place to be at all. That’s what has to be appreciated – the pockets of bliss are small and it’s the muddiness in between and the willpower to jump into the fear [that lead you to them].”