Watch Robbie Williams cover Manic Street Preachers' 'Motorcycle Emptiness' from lockdown

Robbie Williams has delivered an unlikely cover of Manic Street Preachers‘ ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’ while in lockdown, as well as providing some unique analysis of the track’s lyrics.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues throughout the world, the singer has been raising spirits by delivering impromptu karaoke sessions on Instagram, having covered Oasis’ Wonderwall in one recent video.

In the latest session, Robbie has proved himself to be a fan of the Manics by providing his own take on the track – which features on their 1992 debut album ‘Generation Terrorists.’

After initially appearing to struggle with the lyrics, Williams is seen belting out the chorus before hailing the song as a “fucking tune”.

“That’s the thing about music. ‘Wonderwall’ meant a lot to me, this song means a lot to me too,” says Robbie.

As the track draws to a close, Robbie then attempts to decipher the lyrics.

“‘Culture sucks down words, itemise loathing and feed yourself smiles.’ Yeah! Don’t know what it means, but fucking yeah!,” explains Robbie.

“Do we not live in a dystopian world already? ‘Each day living out a lie. Life sold cheaply forever, ever, ever.’ Fucking hell, these lyrics man!”

When not belting out unlikely covers, Robbie has been spending his time in isolation reigniting his feud with Liam Gallagher.

“The thing about Liam is he’s incredible. He’s an incredible singer – proper rock and roller. The world’s a better place for him being in it. He’s iconic,” said Robbie.

Labelling him a “dickhead”, Robbie said: “Sometimes you have to separate the art from the dickhead. And I can do that.”

Last year, Williams called Liam a “bully” and said he wanted to “fight” the former Oasis frontman.