Watch police officer deliver "stay at home" rap while out on patrol

Footage has emerged of Derbyshire police issuing a “stay at home” message in the form of a rap – you can see the clip below.

Filmed on Saturday evening (April 4), the video shows officers patrolling Normanton Road, Derby while urging its residents to remain indoors in order to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The moment was captured and subsequently tweeted by Derby Liberal Democrat Councillor Ajit Singh Atwal, who wrote: “Brilliant Message from Derbyshire police on Normanton Rd last night that’s the language people speak & understand round here Its [sic] a Rap, stay safe & STAY @ HOME.”

Atwal went on to give a shout-out to “absolute legend” PC McGinley, who is seemingly responsible for the performance.

Stay at home whenever you can/ Don’t go out on the streets with your fam/ Don’t walk around in two or more/ Or we’ll come knockin’ at your door/ Only go to the shop for essential things/ Like milk, fruit and cheesestrings” its lyrics go.

This comes as the UK enters its third week of lockdown due to coronavirus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the strict measures in a televised statement to the nation on March 23.

Over the weekend, Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned that tougher restrictions could be introduced if members of the public continued to “flout the rules” on social distancing.

Meanwhile, a US scientist has created a “relaxing” musical representation of the coronavirus. Some listeners have likened the composition to the works of Bjork and Four Tet.