Watch entire stadium of Texas Rangers fans sing Creed after band credited for success

An entire stadium of Texas Rangers fans have sung Creed’s ‘Higher’ after a Rangers player expressed his wish to hear fans belt out the band.

The Rangers’ pitcher Andrew Heaney recently said that the American baseball team started played Creed before games. He then said if fans were to sing a Creed song during their upcoming home game, “it would fire them up!”

On October 10, Heaney got his wish. In a game against the Baltimore Orioles, ‘Higher’ started playing on the speakers, with lyrics appearing on the Jumbotron screen and an entire swathe of fans singing the 1999 hit. Watch below:


The team started their pre-game ritual during the second half of their season; apparently, the Florida band have rallied The Rangers ever since. The Texans ended up winning against the Orioles, 7-1.

The news follows from Creed’s recent announcement of their reunion; the band will be playing their first shows since 2012. The quartet revealed they would be performing for the Summer of ’99 Cruise in April 2024, and teased that they have “a lot more in store”.

Originally forming in 1994, Creed released four studio albums before breaking up in 2004. This included 1997’s ‘My Own Prison’, 1999’s ‘Human Clay’ (which spawned ‘Higher’), 2001’s ‘Weathered’ and 2009’s ‘Full Circle’.

The band’s reunion comes after Scott Phillips suggested in a November 2020 interview that Creed were discussing a possible reunion: “We’re all in a good spot right now. We feel like we have a good relationship amongst the four of us.”