Watch BABYMONSTER cover Olivia Rodrigo, Jazmine Sullivan, CL and more on ‘Last Evaluation’

The trainees of upcoming K-pop girl group BABYMONSTER have performed covers of hits by Olivia Rodrigo and more on the latest episode of ‘Last Evaluation’.

On April 14, YG Entertainment released the latest episode of its online reality series Last Evaluation, which follows some of its trainees through a series of missions to decide the final line-up of upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER.

The sixth episode includes the solo showcases of trainees Chiquita, Ruka and Haram, as well as final trainee Ahyeon’s preparation process for her performance, which will air in the next episode.


The episode begins with Chiquita’s powerful performance of Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘traitor’, earning praise from WINNER members Hoony and Yoon for her expression of the emotional track.

She is followed by Ruka, who remixed Masked Wolf’s ‘Astronaut in the Ocean’ and CL’s ‘MTBD’, adding her own lyrics to the latter track. She was also the only trainee to perform a song by a K-pop artist in her solo evaluation.

Vocalist Haram went on to showcase a soulful cover of Jazmine Sullivan’s 2020 single ‘Pick Up Your Feelings’. The trainee changed up the melody in the song’s bridge, and wrote her own lyrics in Korean for the section.

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Later in the episode, trainee Ahyeon was revealed to have changed her song in the middle of the mission from DJ Khaled’s ‘I Did It’ to Charlie Puth’s ‘Dangerously’ after YG founder Yang Hyun-suk expressed his disapproval of her initial choice.

Her performance will be aired in the next episode of Last Evaluation. The preview for the next episode also reveals details for the group’s next vocal mission, where they will cover Alessia Cara’s ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’.


While the BABYMONSTER trainees had previously attempted solo and unit vocal missions, the upcoming challenge will be their first as a team of seven. In the preview, the trainees are seen struggling perform a harmony in a larger group.