Watch BABYMONSTER cover Alessia Cara’s ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ on ‘Last Evaluation’

The trainees of upcoming K-pop girl group BABYMONSTER have covered Alessia Cara’s ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ on the latest episode of ‘Last Evaluation’.

K-pop agency YG Entertainment has unveiled the latest episode of Last Evaluation, its ongoing web reality series that follows the process of deciding the line-up of its upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER.

The newly-released seventh episode of the series features the trainees – Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Ahyeon, Haram, Rora and Chiquita – in their final vocal mission. For the first time in the series, they were tasked with preparing a seven-member vocal performance. After deliberating among themselves, the trainees chose Alessia Cara’s 2016 single ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ for the mission.


The seven trainees went on to prepare for their performance over a two-week period, during which they struggled to harmonise as a large group. Under the guidance of vocalists Ahyeon and Haram, the trainees put on a powerful performance of the song at the end of the episode.

BABYMONSTER’s version of the track remained faithful to the original for the most part, with the exception of a new rap verse performed by Ruka and Asa.

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The performance earned the trainees praise from fellow YG artists like AKMU’s Lee Chan-hyuk, who commented: “I’m not even exaggerating this, but it seemed like I was watching the finale of a music show.” Meanwhile, WINNER’s Seung-yoon added that there were no flaws to point out in the performance.

In a preview of the next episode, which appears to be the last in the series, the trainees gear up for their final dance mission as a team of seven. The final line-up of BABYMONSTER will likely be revealed in the upcoming episode.