Watch all 10 episodes of Fall Out Boy's new cartoon 'Mondo Trasho 3042'

Fall Out Boy have shared all 10 episodes of their new collaborative cartoon Mondo Trasho 3042 — check out the first episode below.

Created by guitarist Joe Trohman along with his friends Wade Randolph and Spencer Berman, Mondo Trasho 3042 also welcomed Patrick Stump (who composed the score with Trohman) and Pete Wentz (producer) into the production process.

The futuristic cartoon follows the adventures of a band in the year 3042. “Joe got together with some friends to work on a cartoon,” a short explainer about the series reads. “They considered pitching it around to different places, but decided to release it during these crazy times for your enjoyment.”

All 10 episodes of Mondo Trasho 3042 are available to watch on YouTube here, and you can watch the debut instalment ‘Not A Yoko’ — in which “the band watches an alien autopsy where Jimmy meets the girl of his dreams, Mooranda” — below.

Speaking to NME last week, Wentz gave an update on the status of the band’s ‘Hella Mega’ stadium tour with Green Day and Weezer.

“Two weeks before quarantine began, we got together and rehearsed our set with our staging, our video and our lights because it’s a stadium, so you can’t just do it the week before,” the bassist said.

“Now it’s like we’re circling, waiting to land. Nobody knows anything and it’s hard because we really want to do this tour.

“It was a hard thing to orchestrate because there are three bands, you have to figure out who’s doing what and everyone had to really want to do it,” he added. “I know as much as you do about what’s going to happen with it.”