Watch Alessia Cara and H.E.R. team up for a remote Amy Winehouse cover

Alessia Cara and H.E.R. have teamed up for a cover of Amy Winehouse‘s version of ‘Valerie’, with both singers recording seperately in isolation.

The track was originally written and performed by The Zutons before Winehouse and Mark Ronson covered it to huge acclaim.

You can see the latest take on the track below, which was uploaded by label Def Jam and described as “Alessia Cara and HER singing Amy Winehouse”.

H.E.R., the Grammy-winning project of Gabriella Wilson, has remained active throughout the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Last week it was revealed that she has provided her team with money to support them over the coming months as the pandemic worsens.

The Grammy award-winning R&B singer has ensured her entire network is supported financially, as revealed by her backing vocalist Ajanee Hambrick.

“I’ve been gone for a second because My family was directly effected by COVID 19 All of us were infected with the virus,” Hambrick wrote in an Instagram post earlier this week.

“Today This BOSS just blessed her whole team With some COVID 19 funds to help us through the next few months I’m not talking about alil bag for groceries! SHE JUST BLESSED EVERY LAST ONE OF US! THANK YOU sis!”