Wargasm announce new single ‘BANG YA HEAD’ featuring Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst

Wargasm have announced a forthcoming collaboration with Limp Bizkit’s frontman Fred Durst titled ‘BANG YA HEAD’.

The London rock duo – comprised of Milkie Way and Sam Matlock – took to their official social media pages to share the release date of the single that features the nu-metal legend. The post read: “Wargasm will release ‘BANG YA HEAD’ featuring Fred Durst 08.09.2023.”

The post also featured a clip of a man with long black hair head banging in slow motion while someone sings, ‘Bang ya head till you break your neck’ on a loop over a heavy guitar riff and loud drums. The track is set for release on September 8.


Wargasm have served as opening support for Limp Bizkit on the European leg of their ‘Still Sucks’ tour. ‘BANG YA HEAD’ will be featured on the band’s forthcoming debut LP ‘Venom’ which is set for release on October 27.

Speaking to Kerrang, the band have described the album as “heavy, melodic, disgusting, honest, sexy,” adding: “Everything this band has experimented with since our inception has been pinned down on the anvil and hammered into shape, thrown at the wall, beaten into a more fucked up shape and gone back onto the anvil.”

Earlier this year, Wargasm‘s drummer posted a clip of the moment his drum monitor caught fire during a festival show in Japan.

Adam Breeze, who plays live with the rock duo shared a video of him alerting technicians to the blaze during their set at Nagoya’s Blarefest over the weekend (February 4-5).

Reflecting on what he called an “INSANE and inspiring trip to Nagoya”, Breeze showed fans how he managed to continue drumming while fire was spreading behind him at the band’s one-off festival gig. It was eventually put out and the band finished their set safely.