Vinyl fans launch #FillTheGap campaign on what would have been Record Store Day 2020

Today (April 18) was supposed to mark Record Store Day in the UK, which was postponed last month due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The event is currently slated to take place on June 20, but that date remains uncertain as the British government continues to impose restrictions on every day life.

In an attempt to combat the loss of revenue that independent record stores will suffer due to the postponement, Record Store Day UK have launched an online initiative called ‘Fill The Gap’, encouraging fans to buy online.

“Today would have been Record Store Day and although we can’t celebrate in stores with you, independent record shops are still selling on line,” Record Store Day said on Twitter.

“If you can, please support your local this weekend and pick up the record that is missing from your collection.”

A number of fans, record stores and bands have started spreading the hashtag, showing off new purchases and old favourites alike, as well as throwbacks to Record Store Days past.

Up to 230 independent record shops from every corner of the UK, as well as thousands around the world, were set to take part in the celebrations with live in-store performances, mini street festivals and entertainment.

When the postponement was initially announced, NME spoke to a number of independent record stores about the impact they were expecting.

“It will impact us massively,” said Rough Trade East store worker, Elliott Oggers. “It’s the biggest day in the record store world. Postponing may ease any losses but it depends if it gets pushed back any further or cancelled permanently. We just don’t know.”

Dep Downie, co-owner at Monorail Music in Glasgow said: “Record shops rely on Record Store Day now as part of their yearly turnover and you become reliant on it because it’s the most important day of the year.