Universal CEO Lucian Grainge recovering after "severe" coronavirus fight

Universal CEO Lucian Grainge has revealed that he is now recovering “at home” following his recent coronavirus diagnosis.

Last month (March 20), Grainge was hospitalised after he tested positive for coronavirus and reportedly received treatment at Los Angeles’ UCLA Medical Center, according to Variety.

In a memo to his employees, Grainge said that he had some “severe” symptoms and that he was now at home “recuperating.”

Grainge wrote: “I apologise for not having written earlier, but I know only too well how difficult these times can be, for you see, I contracted COVID-19 and was one of the 20% whose symptoms were severe.”

He continued: “Today, I am at home and recuperating. Thanks to those on the front line of this crisis — the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers whose dedication and skill brought me back to health — I am on my way to a full recovery.”

Lucian Grainge
Lucian Grainge

The Universal boss, whose company represents the likes of Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Post Malone, also warned people to take the virus seriously.

He said the virus wasn’t “just some bad flu”, adding: “It’s as serious as it gets…[it’s] as serious for the young and strong as it is for the old and infirm. Wherever you are in the world, take this pandemic as seriously as it deserves to be taken. Listen to and obey the guidance of your public health authorities.

“You will be doing it not merely for yourself, but for your families and — as we all know by now — for literally everyone in the world.”

He also went on to thank his employees: “I’m so proud of how your support for our artists and songwriters has not faltered, remaining as creative and devoted as it’s ever been, even as you’ve found the energy and time to lend helping hands to our COVID-19 response effort.”

UMG’s Santa Monica headquarters were closed closed on March 13 after an unidentified employee — now thought to be Grainge — tested positive for the disease.

“Previously, we have committed that if there were to be a confirmed case of coronavirus infection in any of our offices, we would immediately close that location,” an internal memo read. “We have just been informed that there is a confirmed case of infection in an employee based in our 2220 Colorado Avenue offices.”

“Accordingly and out of an abundance of caution, we are immediately closing all of our Santa Monica offices,” the memo concluded.

UMG was recently valued at $33.6 billion and is now the largest music company in history.