Troye Sivan teases new album and single ‘Rush’

Troye Sivan has begun teasing his comeback.

The pop singer-songwriter took to Instagram over the weekend (June 10) to tease that his long-awaited third studio album will soon be released, also hinting in the process that his next single is being titled ‘Rush’.

Writing on Instagram, Sivan shared an update, saying that he had no intention of making fans wait for five years for a new record since he last released his acclaimed sophomore album ‘Bloom’.


“I didn’t mean to take 5 years to make this album – Bloom tour happened (lmk if you came), then i started working on it, then cockbig19 (COVID-19), then The Idol, always working on the album in all the moments between..and now here we are,” Troye Sivan wrote. “Enough excuses now. Enough saying ‘soon’, this is for YOU and it starts NOWWWW”.

Check out Troye Sivan’s post below.

While further details on ‘Rush’ and the album it’s being taken from have yet to be announced, Sivan has been teasing the record since September last year.

2018’s ‘Bloom’ scored a glowing five-star review from NME’s El Hunt, who wrote: “Troye Sivan and other queer pop stars frequently find themselves lumped with common tags – “unapologetically out” is one clumsy term that often gets thrown about. As much as it’s often a cliché, unapologetic – or rather, completely empowered – is a mood that applies wholeheartedly to ‘Bloom’. Here, Sivan has created an album that does away with any apology; instead it sees him seize happiness with both hands.”

Since then, Sivan has released the 2020 EP ‘In A Dream’, and the standalone singles ‘Angel Baby’‘Trouble’ and ‘Wait’, the last two of which featured on the soundtrack of the Sivan-starring film Three Months. 


Elsewhere, Sivan collaborated with Mark Ronson and Kacey Musgraves for a remix of the song ‘Easy’, which featured in its original form on ‘In A Dream’. Last year, he released the full version of that EP’s interlude ‘could cry just thinkin about you’, and featured alongside Tate McRae on the song ‘You’.