Troye Sivan says he got “death threats” over TikTok about Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

Troye Sivan has shared that he received “death threats” after posting a TikTok about Stray Kids member Hyunjin.

Last month, Troye Sivan uploaded a TikTok compilation of Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, writing in the caption: “Anyone know how to reach this man :///“. The Australian singer and the K-pop idol had previously met at Dua Lipa and Versace’s ‘La Vacanza’ fashion show in Cannes this May.

Later, Sivan posted another TikTok saying that it would be the last time he would “publicly crush” on a K-pop star, adding jokingly that he “almost got murdered”. In a new interview with Apple Music, Sivan gave an update on meeting Hyunjin and the response to his TikTok, revealing that he had received “death threats” over the post.


“I’m even nervous to talk about it now,” he said with a laugh. “I thought he was super, super, super sweet and, obviously, so beautiful. And then I deep-dived and was like, ‘this guy is insanely talented’.”

“I put up this cute TikTok – I thought. I got a lot of nice messages, like, a lot of people being like, ‘this is cute’, but I also got a lot of death threats and stuff like that. So, I am pulling the brakes on that,” said Sivan.

Though, when asked about potentially collaborating with Hyunjin in the future however, Sivan did say that he would do it “in a heartbeat”.

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Sivan is set to drop his first new album in over five years this October, following 2018’s ‘Bloom’. Titled ‘Something To Give Each Other”, the singer has called the upcoming record “a celebration of sex, dance, sweat, community, queerness, love and friendship”, and has since released its lead single ‘Rush’.