The Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser covers Lana Del Rey’s 'The Greatest' with coronavirus lyrics

The Walkmen‘s Hamilton Leithauser has delivered his cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘The Greatest’, which sees him changing the lyrics to reference the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Performing the cover of the ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’ track on SiriusXMU, Leithauser presented it as a gentle guitar ballad and updated the outro with lyrics about life during lockdown.

“The culture is lit and I had a ball/ If this is it, I’m signing off/ I miss doing nothing most of all/ I guess this virus is gonna get us all,” Leithauser sings.

“All my shows have been postponed/ All my friends live on my phone/ And my data plan is running low/ Papa Pence says you’ll be alright/ But the ATM is just a little less bright/ School’s out, the weeks are gone/ Oh look kids, here comes another dawn.”

You can listen to the cover in full below.

This comes after Leithauser shared ‘Don’t Check The Score’, the third single from his new album ‘The Loves of Your Life’.

The new song from the Walkmen frontman follows previous singles ‘Isabella’ and ‘Here They Come’.

Speaking on ‘The Loves of Your Life’, Leithauser said: “I wrote these songs about individual people. I wrote stories and I wrote music; and then I matched them up. Not one story was originally intended for the music it ended up marrying. These are people I know, and strangers I’ve come across in the last few years.

“All of the stories are based on some kind of truth, but I’m not afraid to get loose with the facts. Most are both fact and fiction, and some tilt pretty far in either direction. I guess people might call this ‘creative nonfiction’ or just ’embellished stories’. I wrote and recorded these songs in a studio I built for myself in New York. It’s a tight New York kind of space, and I’m jammed in with all sorts of instruments and equipment.”

The album arrived on released April 10 via Glassnote Record.