The National share resurfaced video for 2013 song 'Hard To Find'

Indie rock band The National have shared the resurfaced video for their 2013 song ‘Hard To Find’ after it had been lost in the seven years since the song’s release.

A stroke of luck, The National posted the video for ‘Hard To Find’ to their YouTube channel, explaining in the description the underwater footage had been found by director Michael Brown on an old hard drive. Watch the video below.

Brown commented on the lucky find in the video’s description, saying, “This video has been buried away for 6 years and I can’t think of a better time than now to share it with the world and add a tiny touch of beauty to what is already lost.”

The description continues with Brown explaining how The National’s touring crew took a break during their February 2014 tour of Australia to enjoy a boat trip off the coast of Perth. “At the time I always kept a camera with me to add video content to our show if a good opportunity arose,”Brown explains, “so I jumped in and caught this beautifully humanizing moment of Matt [Berninger, vocals] swimming with the seals. A memory that reminds me just how lucky we are to be able to share things like this with one another.”

The song featured on The National’s sixth studio album, ‘Trouble Will Find Me’, released back in 2013.

The video has surfaced just as The National prepare to release their 2010 album ‘High Violet’ on vinyl for the first time, to celebrate the album’s tenth anniversary.

The National have been maintaining a presence of creativity and support throughout the coronavirus pandemic announcing the donation of profits from merch sales to support their touring crew, as well as Berninger sharing a social distancing playlist ‘Social Distancing Distortion’ which is updated weekly.