The Ghost Inside return with new single 'Aftermath', their first material since fatal bus crash

The Ghost Inside have detailed their upcoming new album and shared its first single ‘Aftermath’, their first material since being involved in a fatal crash almost five years ago.

The Los Angeles outfit’s tour bus collided with a tractor-trailer in November 2015, killing the drivers of both vehicles. Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk lost one of his legs as a result of the collision.

The Ghost Inside teased their comeback on social media early last year, with various posts showing them rehearsing and working in the studio. In July, they returned to the stage for a one-off show in LA.

Now, the metalcore band have confirmed that they will release their self-titled fifth studio album this summer. ‘The Ghost Inside’ will arrive on June 5 via Epitaph.

First single ‘Aftermath’ arrives with an accompanying video which begins with news footage shot in the aftermath of the bus crash. As the music fades in, we cut to singer Jonathan Vigil performing from what appears to be the same stretch of road. Later, studio clips are interspersed with shots detailing Tkaczyk’s recovery.

I don’t have it in me to sing of defeat/ Triumph over tragedy“, sings Vigil in the track.

‘The Ghost Inside’ is said to be made up of 11 songs of “determination, deep resolve, reflection, and newfound hope” – you can see the full tracklist below.

1. 1333
2. Still Alive
3. The Outcast
4. Pressure Point
5. Overexposure 
6. Make Or Break
7. Unseen
8. One Choice
9. Phoenix Rise
10. Begin Again

11. Aftermath

“This [album] isn’t about what happened to us,” bassist Jim Riley said. “We won’t get lost in that one day. This is about our journey, our growth, and who we are.”

Speaking of penning the record, he explained: “We went into the writing process knowing full well that every song and every lyric would be influenced by what we’ve been through, but we tried our best for them to be relatable to everyone.

'The Ghost Inside' artwork
The official artwork for ‘The Ghost Inside’. CREDIT: Press

“With ‘Aftermath’ we let it be much more personal – this one is us telling our story. So when it was time to choose a first song to share with the world, it felt right for it to be ‘Aftermath’.”

Riley added: “‘Aftermath’ is a total catharsis for us. We let it all out in the song so that it’s not bottled up inside us anymore and we can heal and move on, since after all, the beat goes on.”

In 2018, The Ghost Inside told fans there was still a future for the band, although they weren’t “sure exactly what it looks like”.