The Effigies frontman John Kezdy killed in bike crash aged 64

John Kezdy, frontman of Chicago post-punk band The Effigies, has died after being involved in a bike crash.

According to reports from local news outlet Streets Blog Chicago, Kezdy collided with an Amazon delivery van illegally parked in a bike lane last Wednesday (August 23), with the musician then passing away from his injuries on Saturday morning (August 26). He was 64 years old.

The report states that the van had stopped in the bike lane in the northern suburb of Glencoe and Kezdy’s bike hit the back of the van.

A statement from the Glencoe Public Safety Department said: “Based on the initial investigation, the bicyclist was traveling northbound on Sheridan Road past South Avenue when he struck the rear of a stopped Dodge Ram ProMaster.”

As well as a musician, Kezdy worked as a lawyer and was a keen cyclist and training for races.

He and his wife Erica Weeder had survived a mass shooting at the Fourth Of July parade in their home suburb of Highland Park in 2022.

Leading tributes to Kezdy on social media was Steve Albini, who wrote: “John Kezdy was a hero of mine. Effigies were the first great band from Chicago’s scene, his stern, declamatory style influenced a generation and he helped me in material ways.

“Not overstating to say that without John and the Effigies, I would never have made any records.”

Kezdy formed The Effigies in the early 1980s, and the band released five studio albums on their own label, Ruthless Records, before breaking up in 1990.

The band then reunited in 2004 with their first album in two decades, ‘Reside’.

Later in life, Kezdy worked a prosecutor with the Illinois State’s Attorney Office before becoming bureau chief of the Office Of The Illinois Attorney General. He retired from the position last year.