Summer Watson’s New Single “Unveiled” Is Here To Help You Open Your Heart

British Classical Crossover artist Summer Watson announces the release of her new single titled “Unveiled.” Following her previous song “Break The Silence,” released as a sneak peek to her upcoming EP Unveiled, Summer Watson is now lifting up the curtain even more with her new single “Unveiled.”
Continuing to empower people all over the world, her song expresses the idea that we are all here on our own journey, and that we cannot follow other people’s path. She encourages us all to keep our hearts open to heal, for us to create a new sense of unity with one another. In 2014, Summer Watson was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer which she could beat only thanks to her fighting spirit, drive and determination. Therefore, she decided to dedicate her EP to people facing challenging times in their life. She calls them not to break down, encourages them to open their hearts and share their story – just like she has done, in order to heal completely.

By the way, she announced that she is shooting a new music video in her IG post so make sure to follow Summer Watson not to miss any important updates!